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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lt. Peter Hansen Elementary School, Canton- June 1st

42° 11' 00" N
71° 07' 44" W
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The EarthView team is excited to be visiting Lt. Peter Hansen Elementary school in Canton for a second time this school year! We last visited the school in November and had a great time. The blog post for that visit can be found here

Our visit today brings us on the 5th anniversary of the June 1st tornado outbreak that devastated parts of Springfield and Monson Massachusetts. 

Tornado forming over the Connecticut River

On our visit to Coburn Elementary School in West Springfield a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Domingo and wrangler Eva crossed over the bridge (seen in the picture above) on the Connecticut River where a video was taken on June 1st, 2011 showing the EF-3 tornado forming. Eva had never been anywhere near the Springfield area before so it was interesting to be in the very place where such a powerful tornado formed and struck.

EarthView was at Granite Middle School in Monson just a two weeks after that tragedy; the school was not struck by the tornado, but the town and many of the students were very much affected. The satellite image below shows the path of the tornado -- over 30 miles long -- and the location of that school.

When we think of tornadoes we tend to think of the mid-western United States, however they certainly can occur here in Massachusetts! So be prepared for severe storms this summer by visiting and making a disaster supply kit and a family emergency plan! Kids can check out to get information and become prepared for a storm emergency! 

We hope that the students of Hansen Elementary School enjoy their visit with Earthview today! 

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