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Thursday, August 9, 2012

EarthView Preview Videos


The EarthView team enjoyed a visit to Littleton Middle School in March, where we found the students exceptionally well versed in geography, especially political geography. Because of the innovative teaching of geography at their school, many of the students showed a strong understanding of complex international disputes.

Following the visit, we were pleased to see both print and video reports of the visit in local media. We really appreciate meeting reporters on our school visits, because one of the goals of Project EarthView is to get as many people as possible thinking about the importance of geography education.

During our visit, some of the faculty and staff of the school were recording a video of their own, and the result is a fun, short film that captures the EarthView experience very effectively. We encourage anybody considering an EarthView visit to have a look at this clip and to have a look at the program requirements on our web site. Visits are typically scheduled a few months ahead of time.

Video credit: Special-Ed Teacher and Instructional Videographer John Ogden (

North Andover

Earlier in the school year, we had spent a couple of days at North Andover Middle School, where EarthView is a regular part of an award-winning Family Geography Night, and we again have the privilege of working with students who really know their geography.

In addition to some wonderful photographs by EarthView team member Ashley Costa, this visit was featured in a five-minute documentary prepared by NAMS geography teacher Robert Poirier and North Andover High School student Alexander Gamble. This film describes how EarthView can fit into a broader educational experience, and why geography is a critical element of effective education in today's changing world.



In the spring, EarthView returned to Middleborough, where Wrangler and BSU geography student Macee was able to visit her own elementary school, and where students from the nearby high school made this video about our visit. Macee is featured, as are several of the students who had been inside the earth!

EarthView at H.B.B. from MET on Vimeo.
Produced by Scott Gravel and Tyler Geary. Middleborough Educational Television, 2012

Thanks to Miss Pfannenbecker at Littleton, Mister Poirier at North Andover, Scott Gravel at Middleborough, and their colleagues and students for these wonderful video introductions to EarthView!