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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nested Islands

14°00'07" N 
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120°59'34" E
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Just for fun, we are sharing an unusual geographic superlative. You can use the coordinates above to located it on your own globe, or you can explore it using Google Maps below.

The superlative is Vulcan Point Rock, the world's largest island in a lake in an island in a lake on an island? This implies that there are other nested lakes of this kind; Vulcan is just the largest one. It is located within Luzon, which is the largest and most populous island of the Philippines.

Geographers at the University of California Santa Barbara have a lot more information to share about this island and the volcanoes of the Philippines.

EarthView coordinator Dr. Hayes-Bohanan was very interested in learning about Vulcan Point Rock, because of fond memories taking a couple different boats to visit an ecology lab that includes Gibraltar Island, which is an island in a bay in an island in a lake in Ohio.

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