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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bridge Program -- July 12 & August 1


Usually EarthView travels in a BSU van (we dream of getting a globe-painted van some day), but for this summer's special program for middle and high school students from New Bedford and Brockton, we were able to roll EarthView to the event on its luggage cart! To our location in the Kelly Gym, we had to travel only the smallest fraction of a degree of longitude, having started in the neighboring Math & Science Center, whose coordinates are: 

N 41°59'17"  
W 70°58'19"

These EarthView presentations are part of two sessions of the Bridge Partnership, each lasting two weeks. Students come from the cities to the north and south of Bridgewater for a taste of campus life and field trips include special places in the home cities of the participating students.

EarthView team member Dr. Hayes-Bohanan lives right next to the BSU campus, but has spent a lot of time in both Brockton and New Bedford, and enjoys learning about the geography of each. The reason? Each is a local place with fascinating global connections!