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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Garfield Middle School, Revere- May 25th

42° 24' 12" N
70° 59' 34" W
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The EarthView team is excited to be visiting Garfield Middle in Revere for the first time! We took a quick hiatus last week as both Dr. Hayes-Bohanan and Dr. Domingo traveled abroad but we're back for another exciting adventure!

While this is our first visit to Garfield Middle, it is not our first visit to Revere. We last visited Revere in 2012 when we went to Rumney Marsh Academy. We'll back to Rumney Marsh on June 8th! 

Antarctic Sea Ice 2014
This week's interesting article comes from Discovery News and is titled "Why Antarctic Sea Ice Isn't Shrinking". The article explains that while the Arctic Sea ice has been shrinking at an alarming rate, the ice surrounding Antarctica has seen record highs in its extent. A new study may explain why this is so and it has to do with the topography of Antarctica and the depth of the ocean surrounding it. It is a quick read but I recommend it as it deals with the ever tricky issue of "Global Warming" which is really, "Global Climate Change" as some places are warming, while others are not...but that's an issue for another day. 

We hope that the students of Garfield Middle enjoy their visit with EarthView today and we hope to be back again soon! 

Update from the school: We were excited to see all of the flags on display in the school showing all of the countries that Garfield's students come from. This flag display is similar to one that we had at Bridgewater State University in the campus center to represent all of our international students. 



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