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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coburn Elementary School, West Springfield- May 11th

42°06'29" N 
72°37'16" W
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This week the EarthView team is excited to be visiting Coburn Elementary School in West Springfield! This is our first ever school visit in West Springfield! While it is quite the drive for us from Bridgewater State University (106 miles one way, about a 2 hour drive) but it'll be quite easy for the Globe Lady as she only has a 40 minute drive! 

While we haven't been to West Springfield, or Springfield, we have mentioned the city in previous blog posts. Dr. Hayes-Bohanan discussed the meaning behind the name Six Flags, the famous amusement park located outside of Springfield in nearby Agawam, the blog post for that discussion can be found here. He also wrote a bit about the June 1st, 2011 tornado outbreak that spawned a tornado in the Springfield area, that post can be found here

This weeks interesting article comes from It is entitled, "Geologists Find Clues In Crater Left By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid" and talks all about the uncovering of rocks located within the impact crater that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs! The impact crater known as Chicxulub is located off of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is 125 miles across and was created 66 million years ago! 

As samples of these rocks are taken out of the Earth from about 2,200 feet below the ocean floor, scientists hope to find fossils of microorganisms that survived the asteroid impact. Only time will tell us what happened during the aftermath of the asteroid strike some 66 million years ago!

We hope that the students of Coburn Elementary enjoy their visit with EarthView! 

Update: We had a great visit to Coburn Elementary and were thrilled to see so many students whose families are from all across the globe! The school does a nice job of displaying on a map where their students are from right in the front entry way: 

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