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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lt. Peter M. Hansen Elementary School, Canton- November 20th

42° 11' 00" N
71° 07' 44" W
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The EarthView team is excited to be visiting Lieutenant Peter M Hansen Elementary School in Canton today! This is our first ever visit to the town of Canton!

Since this is our first trip to Canton, here are some fun facts about the town:
-Canton was originally part of the neighboring town Stoughton
-Canton became incorporated as a town in 1797
-Paul Revere built the first Copper Rolling Mill here in 1801
-Today, Canton is home to the headquarters of Reebok and Dunkin Donuts

An interesting thing to note is how Canton got its name...a prominent Canton citizen, Elijah Dunbar, suggested that the town be named Canton because he believed that Canton, China was it's antipode, meaning that he believed Canton, China was directly opposite them on Earth. Today we know that this is untrue as the antipode of an area cannot be in the same hemisphere as the one that you are in. The true antipode of Canton, Massachusetts is somewhere off of the southwestern coast of Australia. We discovered a fun interactive website where you can find your location on the map and it will show you your antipode!

To look up your locations antipode, visit this website here!

There are a lot more fun facts on the town of Canton that can be found by visiting the Canton Citizen's website or by going here.

We hope that the students of Lt. Peter M. Hansen Elementary School enjoy their visit with EarthView today and we hope to be back again soon!

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