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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School, Peabody - October 28th

42° 30' 25" N
70° 57' 02" W
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The EarthView team is happy to be visiting the Captain Samuel Brown Elementary School in Peabody this week! This is our third visit to the school, our last visit occurred last December, you can find that blog post and some fun facts about Peabody here
This week our Geography Department became the proud owner of a new map! This map challenges people's perceptions of maps by showing South up! EarthView wrangler Eva got to see the map in person during her class the other morning and she sure thought it was cool! Hopefully we might be able to bring it around to schools like we do with EarthView! For now, please take a look at the photo of it below! 

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan and Dr. Robert Amey opening the new map! 

Our visit this week brings us just a few days before Halloween and USA Today published a very timely survey identifying the most favorite candy by state. Who would've thought there could be a geography of candy? Just goes to show that there's a geography of just about everything (if not everything)! 

We hope that the students of Captain Samuel Brown Elementary enjoy their visit with EarthView and we wish you a safe Halloween! 

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