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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

North Andover Middle School - October 6th & October 7th

42° 41' 36" N
71° 07' 15" W
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We're back! The Earthview team is excited to be making our annual two day trip to North Andover Middle School! We will be doing a day program at the school on both Thursday and Friday while also showcasing EarthView at their 8th annual Geography Night! 

At this year's Geography Night, there will be many fun things to see and do including a food truck (or two) for the attendees to enjoy and a performance by the O'Shea Chaplin Irish Dancers. We are certainly looking forward to seeing many new and familiar faces! 

If you have caught any glimpse of the news or social media this week, you will have seen coverage on Hurricane Matthew, the strongest Atlantic Hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007. A well-respected BSU Geography alumn, Phil Klotzbach wrote an article for the Washington Post explaining how Hurricane Matthew has been shattering records since it first became a storm on September 28th. For one, Hurricane Mathew underwent the third fastest intensification of a storm, going from a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm in just 24 hours, trailing behind Hurricane Wilma (2005) and Hurricane Felix (2007). Hurricane Matthew is also the longest-lived Cat 4-5 hurricane in the eastern Caribbean on record. So far, Hurricane Matthew has struck Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas as a Category 4. It has killed 25 people and its current path has it making landfall in Florida and South Carolina by Friday and Saturday. People are already evacuating the coastal areas in these states. 

Hurricane Matthew
Tracking Hurricane Matthew

According to MEMA, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, the current track for Hurricane Matthew does not show it directly affecting our weather. They have their eyes on the storm though so if it does shift direction we will certainly know in a timely manner. Until then, remember to check out and make sure that you and your family have a well stocked emergency kit in case we do get hit by this storm (or any storm for that matter).

We hope that the students and families of North Andover enjoy their visit with EarthView! 

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