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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Captain Samuel Brown Elementary, Peabody- December 11th

42° 30' 25" N
70° 57' 02" W
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The EarthView team is excited to be back visiting Captain Samuel Brown Elementary in Peabody today! This is our second visit to the school, our first visit was in this past March. Our last blog post for the school talked about snow...luckily there is no snow in the forecast for today's visit! 

Since the blog post for the first visit to the school did not offer any fun facts on Peabody here are some!

  • Peabody is located in Essex County 
  • Had a population of 51,251 in the 2010 Census
  • Was first settled in 1626 as a part of Salem
  • In 1752, the area set off and became Danvers
  • In 1855 the community broke away and became South Danvers
  • On April 30th, 1868 South Danvers became Peabody 
  • Peabody was incorporated as a city in 1916
  • Peabody was a farm community but became the center of New England's Leather Industry
  • The city is referred to as Leather City or Tanner City by locals
  • Peabody is 16.8 square miles and is located just 15 miles northeast of Boston
This is our last EarthView visit of 2015! We hope that all of the students who have visited EarthView this year have had a wonderful experience and we hope that they'll cherish the memories that they've made for a lifetime! We will start off EarthView in 2016 on January 15th when we visit Johnston, Rhode Island! 

We wish all of our Earthviewers a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year! 

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