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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Leominster High School - November 4th

42° 32' 01" N
71° 46' 45" W 
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The EarthView team is excited to be visiting Leominster High School for the first time today! We very rarely get to visit with high school students, our last high school visit was to Middleboro High in 2009 and we actually ended up getting two Geography majors and EarthView wranglers from that visit! 

This week's visit brings us during a time of turmoil in North Dakota due to the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that is set to run through disputed Sioux territory, some folks claim it to be private property but others see it as rightfully belonging to the Sioux. Whether the land be private or Native American Reservation, the pipeline is set to be placed upriver from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation which would threaten the water supply. Ironically, the pipeline was originally set to run upriver from Bismark however it was re-positioned as there was concern about the drinking water there. The map below clearly explains the situation and more information can be found on Dr. Hayes-Bohanan's environmental geography blog here.

Map courtesy of A #NoDAPL Map

We hope that the students of Leominster High School enjoy their visit with EarthView today, maybe we will even see one of you on campus in a few years!

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