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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vexillology Map

EarthView students notice that Drs. Domingo and Hayes-Bohanan often wear similar -- though not identical -- neckties for our EarthView programs. Often a student will point out a flag on one tie or the other, exclaiming that is represents the home country of the student or a family member.
At the geography national meeting in 2010. Note the ties!
With us is Dr. Kristin Alvarez (since deceased), an energetic teacher
who taught geography education at Keene State University, NH.
The study of flags is known as vexillology, and as much as we enjoy learning about them, we have to be honest -- we do not know nearly as many flags as we would like. Some of the quizzes on our Geography Games page are good for testing one's knowledge of flags.

We also particularly like the interactive world map of flags from ChartsBin, a web site with thematic world maps on many topics. For the screenshot below, I hovered over South Africa, home of Dr. Domingo and the only country in the world whose flag was chosen by a democratic process. This can be done for any country or territory of the world -- hover over it and see both the flag and the story behind the flag.

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