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Saturday, March 31, 2012

EarthView Institute -- March 31

(This is very close to a confluence point. See our Lat/Long post to learn more about defining locations.) 

For four years, the EarthView team has been taking our giant globe to students throughout eastern Massachusetts -- and occasionally beyond. We have been able to reach over 30,000 students directly, and to bring the excitement of geography to several dozen towns.
Young Geographer from BSU Graduate School

The team is small, however, and able to devote only one day a week to the program. Most of the time EarthView is not in use. For this reason, we are very pleased to be offering our first EarthView Institute, in which we are preparing geography teachers from throughout the state to run their own EarthView programs. 

We look forward to learning from these excellent teachers, and to giving them their "EarthView Drivers License."

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Our institute begins on March 31, the anniversary of the birth of César Chávez.

US Department of Labor Mural

What other significant events took place on this day?

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