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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elmwood Street School -- March 9

42° 11' 10" N
71° 46' 19" W 
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The EarthView team is very happy to be visiting the Elmwood Street School in Millbury. Whenever we visit a school, we try to learn a little about the local geography. The EarthView team is very impressed that the town of Millbury includes its latitude and longitude prominently on the town web site! The site then describes Millbury's central situation in Massachusetts and its links by highway, rail, and air.

As the name implies, Millbury is an historic mill town, one of many whose original industries were powered by the Blackstone River. Many of the paths that were once used for horses to tow barges along the Blackstone Canal are now being converted to bicycle paths that residents of Millbury can use to bike north and south from the town.

One very special thing about the Elmwood Street School is that one of our current geography students at Bridgewater State University was once a student there! Nikki has taken many geography courses and has traveled as a student to Tanzania, Nicaragua, Belize, among other places.

Today's visit is on the one-year anniversary of a tragedy related to plate tectonics: Japan's worst earthquake took place one year ago, creating a tsunami more powerful than anyone had predicted.

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