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Friday, November 18, 2016

Tantasaqua Jr. High, Fiskdale -- Nov 18

42° 09' 24" N
72° 07' 44" W

The EarthView team is pleased, as always, to be returning to Tantasqua. We always enjoy our visits, because this is the home school of our very own Globe Lady, who taught French and geography there for many years before "retiring" and joining our team. She still teaches there from time to time when she is not traveling throughout the state to meet us wherever we take EarthView. We also know from experience that the students at Tantasqua are well-prepared in geography and eager to learn even more!

During our visit we will be using EarthView to help Tantasqua students visualize some of the geography lessons they have been learning; we will also be discussing a lot of additional geographic connections. 
For example, Dr. Hayes-Bohanan will be speaking about several current connections to the country of Morocco. On Thursday morning, he was rowing a boat in New Bedford harbor when he saw Fortuna Bay -- one of the largest ships ever to enter that port turn to leave for the Panama Canal. He had taken this photograph a few days before, as the ship lay berthed in New Bedford as dozens of trucks took clementines from its hold, to be taken to Canada!

Many thousands -- perhaps a few million -- of these fruits had been gathered from throughout Morocco and loaded onto the Fortuna Bay when it was in Agadir, Morroco. The fruit was not ultimately destined for New Bedford, though. It was ultimately destined for store shelves throughout eastern Canada!

This week, however, Morocco .is part of a story that is much bigger than any fruit, no matter how delightful! For the past week, officials from 197 countries have been meeting in Marrakech, Morocco to discuss an international agreement to reduce climate change.
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Climate meeting in Marrakech, Morocco

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