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Friday, January 29, 2016

Richardson Olmsted School, Easton- January 29th

42° 03' 28" N
71° 06' 40" W 
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We're back! Last night we had a wonderful family EarthView night with the students and families from Center School and Moreau Hall. Today we are back at Richardson Olmsted for more fun! Today, students from the nearby ParkView Elementary school will be seeing EarthView.

We visited the school last Friday and got to display our lovely new welcome mat!

As seen from our blog post last week, we were expected to get snow last Saturday (1/23) but at the time the weather forecast was still unsure of how much snow we would get. We certainly got lucky and did not get the worst of the storm but the Bridgewater area did receive about 6 inches of snow according to the National Weather Service. While we did not hit the jackpot for this past snowstorm, areas in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. sure did! Snowfall records were beaten at all three New York City airports, Newark reported 28.1", LaGuardia reported 27.9", and JFK reported 30.5"!!

We aren't the only ones who like to have fun in the snow! Check out this video of Tian Tian, a Giant Panda at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. having loads of fun in the snow!

We hope that the students (and families) of Richardson Olmsted, Center School, and Moreau Hall all enjoyed their visits with Earthview these last two weeks! We hope to be back again soon!

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