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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Richardson Olmsted School, Easton- January 22nd

42° 03' 28" N
71° 06' 40" W 
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Today's EarthView visit brings us to the Richardson Olmsted School in Easton! This is our first visit back to the school since February of 2012! We are excited to be back!

Our last visit to the school was back when it was considered to be two different schools, H.H. Richardson and F.L. Olmsted. The schools were named for a building architect (Richardson) and a landscape architect (Olmsted) when they were built in 1996. In July of 2014, the school committee decided to change the name of the school to Richardson Olmsted as the "two" schools had been operating as one with only one principal and one PTA for a number of years. So we are thrilled to be visiting Richardson Olmsted for the next two Fridays and attending their Geography Night next Thursday (1/28)!

On our last visit to the school, a curious 4th grade student asked Dr. Hayes-Bohanan, "If coffee isn't in the chocolate family, what is?". He answered that question in a blog post that you can find here. Some quick fun information about the town of Easton can be found in our other blog post for that same visit here

Hurricane Alex
In an update to last week's blog post, Hurricane Alex did make landfall in the Azores off of Portugal but as a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 70mph. The damage from the storm was a lot less than what the residents are prepared for luckily. 

Locally, we are threatened with a Blizzard this weekend. Luckily for us, we are not in the threat of the most snowfall. Which is good because we got our fill of snow last winter! The areas that are most threatened by the storm are further south of us, in the Washington D.C. area. They could see up to 2 feet of snow! For us, the storm is not supposed to reach here until afternoon Saturday but would last through to Sunday morning leaving behind 6-12 inches possibly. While Saturday is only a day away it is still too early to tell where the storm will go exactly, things could change! 

Blizzard Potential Snow 1/21-1/24

But we are tough New Englanders, we can handle whatever this snowstorm brings us.


The EarthView team learned that when she was in fourth grade, Ms. Athanasiou (3rd-grade teacher at Richardson-Olmsted) won the GEOGRAPHY BEE at her school in Rhode Island!

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