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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Family Geography Night at Richardson Olmsted School, Easton- January 28th

42° 03' 28" N
71° 06' 40" W 
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This week EarthView is brought back to the Richardson Olmsted School in Easton! We are very excited for tonight as it is the first time that we'll be having an EarthView Family Night at the school!

Tonight, students and their families from two of the other elementary schools in town, Center School and Moreau Hall will be able to experience EarthView!

We love when families are able to come and see EarthView for themselves, the adults are almost always in the same awe that the children are when seeing it for the first time!  

Tonight is going to be a fun night of geography, education, community, and family! We look forward to a great night! 

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