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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rumney Marsh Academy, Revere -- June 8

42º 24' 47" N
71º 00' 12" W

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The EarthView team is very happy to be back at Rumney Marsh Academy, where we have enjoyed several visits in the past. The school has a few interesting geographic distinctions, the first of which is being named for a significant water feature, the Rumney Marsh coastal wetland. Another important distinction its location across the street from the New England Confection Company, better known as NECCO. It seems like a middle-school dream to have a huge candy factory across the street from school.

We were at Rumney-Marsh as recently as 2014, but neglected to post on the blog for that visit. Our 2012 blog post includes a number of geographically significant anniversaries, most notably the 2011 Springfield-Monson Tornado. Our 2011 blog post includes maps and discussion of the marsh for which the school is named and the geography of Revere in general.

This year, our visit takes place on World Ocean Day, which is appropriate for a  school located practically on the beach. Musician Jack Johnson introduces today's celebration of oceans:

Our EarthView visit is an ideal activity for #worldoceansday because it allows us to contemplate both the vastness and the importance of the world's oceans. Most people who enter EarthView for the first time are surprised by the size of the Pacific Ocean, which covers almost 1/3 of the planet's surface and nearly as than as the other oceans -- Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern -- combined. 
EarthView was constructed before the international agreement that designated the Southern Ocean in the year 2000, but the seam at the edge of EarthView's floor is in almost exactly the right place to represent its 60-degree South longitute. 

For more information, see How Many Oceans? from NOAA Ocean Service and
Geography of the World's Oceans from

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