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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Amesbury Middle School - June 7th

42° 50' 54"N
70° 55' 50"W
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This week is a very busy week for Earthview and we apologize for getting behind in our blog posts!! This is our last week of Earthview for this academic school year and we are visiting 4 schools this week alone!

On Monday, June 6th, Dr. Hayes-Bohanan took EarthView to the Sarah Greenwood School in Dorchester. The Sarah Greenwood School offers dual-language instruction (English and Spanish) for students in Kindergarten through the 2nd grade. We had visited the school earlier in the year on April 27th, but unfortunately the fan that powers EarthView failed and we were unable to go through with the program. Luckily we have a back-up fan and have since fixed the issue so we were able to come back to the school and present a great geography program for two Kindergarten classes!

Our visit Tuesday brought us to Amesbury Middle School for the very first time! Prior to our arrival at the school, we had received an email telling us that we would not miss the "Dough Boy" statue out in the front of the school. Earthview Wrangler Eva and Dr. Domingo did not think too much of this but were surprised to see the statue of a World War I soldier outside of the middle school. "That's a dough boy statue?" exclaimed Eva when she and Dr. Domingo arrived at the school, believe it or not, she was expecting to see a statue of the Pillsbury Dough Boy....The reasoning behind why World War I soldiers are exclusively referred to as "doughboys" is unclear, however there are many theories about the nickname and they can be found here.


We were impressed by all the enthusiasm from both the students and the staff of Amesbury Middle School. Not only was EarthView used by the social studies classes, it was also used by one of the math classes! Students in the 7th grade were using trigonometry to find the height of Earthview, and they successfully figured it out...20 feet tall! And to our pleasant surprise, a map was put on display in the gym to show how "far" the students would have ran with a combined total of their miles!

Our visit to Amesbury gave us a perfect example of how EarthView and geography in general can be used for a variety of disciplines! We certainly hope to be back soon!

We even made the Newburyport News!

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