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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Captain Samuel Brown Elementary, Peabody- March 20th

42° 30' 25" N
70° 57' 02" W
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The EarthView team is excited to be visiting Captain Samuel Brown Elementary in Peabody for the very first time! 

Our visit this week happens to fall upon the Vernal Equinox and as the weather forecast predicts, we are in for a bit of accumulating unusual! This winter has even broken the record for the snowiest winter in Boston. Last Sunday's storm brought the 2014-2015 winter snow total to 108.6 inches, just over 9 feet! The last record was set during the 1995-1996 winter which saw 107.6 inches of snow. 


As for Friday's Vernal Equinox, we are in for a bit of a snowy start to our Spring season. As seen in the National Weather Service graphic below, there is a chance that Peabody and Bridgewater could see upwards of 4 inches of snow...potentially more. 

And if you have noticed the increasing amount of potholes on the road this time of the year it is due to the fluctuating temperatures dipping below 32°F and above, even reaching 57°F as it did on Wednesday, March 11th when we visited Tewksbury. When ice forms, it expands, pushing apart small cracks in pavement. When the ice melts, it makes room for new ice to form a day or two later, widening each crack a bit more. This can cause both potholes and frost heaves in the pavement. 

Boston's March Forecast-Accuweather

As reported on WGBH, don't expect these potholes to go away anytime soon as it is hard for the town to repair them all when their budget is almost completely used up due to the unexpected massive snowfall this winter. As March came in like a lion and hopefully goes out like a lamb, we hope that the roads become more smooth as we transition into the much needed warmer Spring months!

There is a geography to just about everything ... even potholes!

We at EarthView hope that the rest of our Spring does not call for anymore snow but with the weather in New England, you never really know!

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