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Thursday, November 12, 2015

John W. Wynn Middle School, Tewksbury-November 13th

42º 37' 48" N
71º 18' 08" W
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We're back! On Friday November 13th we are back visiting John W. Wynn Middle School in Tewksbury! 

Last week was quite the adventure for us EarthView wranglers...we got lost on the way to the school! Which was quite hilarious actually since there were 3 geographers in the van and another geography knowledgeable student. Our GPS devices failed us as we had to use 4 of them before we were finally directed to the school. 

The first GPS brought us to Griffin Street in Lowell, while the next GPS device brought us to Griffin Road in Tewksbury. The map of the school location a the top of this post is wrong as John W. Wynn Middle School is actually located on Griffin Way not Griffin Road. No wonder there was such confusion!

Luckily Griffin Road is right down the street from Griffin Way and we were able to make it to the school. For this week we have certainly learned our lesson and will remember to pack a paper map! We can't rely on technology for everything because they are not always right!

We hope the students at John W. Wynn Middle School enjoy their visit with EarthView today!

Update: This EarthView visit to Wynn Middle made national news

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