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Thursday, June 18, 2015

North Reading Middle School, North Reading- June 19th

42° 34' 36" N
71° 05' 17" W

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The EarthView team is pleased to be visiting North Reading Middle School! Today marks our fifth visit to the school since starting the original EarthView BSC Blog and our last Friday school visit of the 2014-2015 school year. 

We have had some exciting visits this year! We started the year by visiting North Andover Middle School for their wonderful family Geography Night and for our first regular Friday school visit. This school year we've traveled to many schools in the Southeastern region of Massachusetts (Bridgewater, Foxboro, Brockton), to schools in the Northern region (Tewksbury, Gloucester, Winchester), to a school on the Cape (Barnstable Intermediate), and even to schools out of state (Johnston, Rhode Island and Arlington, Virginia)! 


We hope that the students who have gone inside of EarthView this year learned a lot from our teachings and have gained more interest in Geography! We have certainly had a lot of fun traveling around this year and are excited to start back in September for another fun filled year. 

                                           We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy summer! 

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