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Friday, April 10, 2015

Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School, Johnston, RI- April 10th

41° 49' 47" N
71° 30' 07" W
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The EarthView team is pleased to be visiting Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School in Johnston, Rhode Island for the very first time! Our visit today is a long way from our visit on Wednesday which was in Winchester, Massachusetts, some 65 miles North of Johnston, RI. While we have taken EarthView to Rhode Island College in Providence for an event, we have never visited a middle school in the area and we are excited that this is our first! 

Some fun facts about Johnston are that it was once part of Providence until it separated in 1758 and became incorporated on March 6th, 1759. The town was named after the colonial Attorney General, Augustus Johnston  and about 28,800 people currently reside there. 

In preparation for today's visit, we learned that the Social Studies classes are currently focusing on the geography of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. We have decided to include some maps and handy websites if you are interested to learn more about these places!
Ancient Egypt Maps

On the Discovering Egypt website, we found a very nifty hieroglyph typewriter where you can write just about anything in hieroglyphs, the ancient form of Egyptian writing.  

                                                   Can you figure out what this says? 
                                                                            (It says EarthView)

If you would like to discover the art of hieroglyphic writing, visit here!

Ancient Greece

                   A lot of information on Ancient Greece to be found at this website here!

Ancient Rome
What sea is in the middle of these lands? Hint: its name means "in the middle of the land."

And last but certainly not least, there is a lot of fun information to be found here on Ancient Rome! 

We hope that you enjoy learning more about these historic, ancient places! 


On a very different part of the planet, President Barack Obama has been traveling this week. Yesterday, he visited a meeting of CARICOM, the Caribbean Community, in Jamaica. This is a group of 20 countries in and near the Caribbean Sea. Because each country has a small economy, they are part of a common market to buy and sell goods more easily.

Today he is in Panama for a much bigger meeting known as the Summit of the Americas. For the first time in 50 years, the president of the United States will be in the same room as the president of Cuba. Look for plenty of photographs of President Obama and President Raul Castro in the news this weekend.

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