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Friday, April 24, 2015

Citizens for Citizens After School Program, BSU- April 24th

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Citizens for Citizens

Today the EarthView team is pleased to welcome the Citizens for Citizens Inc, after school program from Fall River, MA to Bridgewater State University!

Citizens for Citizens Inc. provides a safe environment and educational after school care to the children of the greater Fall River area who are in grades K-8. 

Celebrate Earth Day!
Today's visit falls upon the Friday after Earth Day! Earth day is a day when the people of 192 countries come together to participate in worldwide events that promote environmental protection. Earth day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970 and has been celebrated on that day ever since. Currently, it is coordinated by the Earth Day Network.

For Earth Day this year, the NSA (National Security Administration) debuted a new Mascot, a friendly recycling bin named Dunk. While, Dunk was specifically created for the school children in Maryland, we can all look to Dunk for tips on recycling! 

While looking for some fun Earth Day activities, we discovered an interactive Footprint Calculator run by the Earth Day Network that shows you what ecological impact that you have on the world. EarthView wrangler, Eva, was surprised by the impact that she has on the Earth when she tries her hardest to recycle and live sustainably, these were her results:

Ecological Footprint by the Earth Day Network

If you would like to learn what your ecological footprint is, you can go here.

Just in time for our journey inside the earth, National Geographic has shared a lesson about what the inside of the Earth is really like!

Some other fun activities for Earth Day can be found on the following websites:
Teacher Vision:
Earth Day Network:

We hope that the Citizens for Citizens after school program students enjoyed their visit to Bridgewater State University and for seeing our EarthView globe! Happy Earth Day! 

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