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Friday, March 27, 2015

Academic WorldQuest, BSU- March 28th

Learn more about Lat/Long (including how to look them up by address)
Also, compare today's coordinates to those of other recent EarthView outings, near and far!

Usually EarthView travels to destinations outside the realm of Bridgewater State University but today's event happens to bring us to Kelly Gymnasium right next door to the Science & Mathematics Center where EarthView is stored when not in use. 

Today we welcome the high school students who are competing in WorldQuest's Boston Regional Competition as part of the journey to compete in the National Academic WorldQuest. 

Academic WorldQuest, a global knowledge competition that has become a flagship program of the World Affairs Councils of America, is a fun, friendly and powerful way for high school students to learn about international affairs.  Teams comprising four students typically prepare in an after-school setting over the course of several months. 

At today's Boston regional competition, teams view a PowerPoint presentation of 100 multiple-choice questions covering topics such as people in the news, world geography, elections, international organizations and current events.  The event is open to parents, friends and the general public, who also are given answer sheets and enjoy playing along.  The winning high school team travels to Washington, D.C., in April to compete in the National Academic WorldQuest, virtually all expenses paid.

We wish good luck to everyone competing today and we here at EarthView continue to be impressed by the amount of knowledge students have on the subject of Geography!

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