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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moran Middle School at NERC! -- April 8-9

This is a guest post by geography students from Moran Middle School.

41° 29' 07" N
72° 49' 49" W

Hello! We are James H. Moran Middle School in Wallingford, Connecticut. We are in the 8th grade, and we entered an ACER contest to win tablets for our social studies classroom. The contest entry was supposed to be a video that explains why we deserve to win the tablets. We are one of the top ten finalists, if you could, please vote for Moran so we can discover more in our classroom! Vote here: Here is our video:


Some 8th grade Moran students attended NERC this year, and we set up our own tables and taught guests attending NERC how to use social media and other internet resources for educational purposes. We taught participants how to use Twitter, Instagram, Google Docs, Flickr, and we also did special interviews and a green screen that could take a picture with your favorite historical person!

It was very fun for us kids to teach adults how to use these things. Hopefully these teachers will take their new knowledge and spread it to their classrooms, maybe making the class easier and more enjoyable. We also hope that the people that visited us had just has much fun as we did. We also did a special interview inside of an inflated Earth. See the video

Some Moran students pose with EarthView at NERC!

The same students from a different perspective:

See more photos and some videos of the Mustangs at NERC on Flickr.

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