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Friday, April 4, 2014

Town of Barnstable

41° 39' N;  70° 17' W
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Climate Change

This Saturday, the EarthView team is visiting the town of Barnstable for a teacher-development workshop, and to talk about climate change. One relevant consequence of climate change is increased risk of coastal erosion.

Barnstable has been affected by erosion, especially because of Hurricane Sandy. Beaches in Barnstable and along the cape, were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and a lot of them look like the picture above. People have been coming together to clean up their beaches and prepare for the future, for when something like Sandy happens again.

Because understanding climate is an important first step in understanding climate change, the workshop will include a discussion of factors that influence the present distribution of climate zones and biomes. Our Cape Cod location is also an ideal place to focus on the importance of ocean currents in shaping climate. It is because of the currents that important differences in marine life are found on the north and south sides of the peninsula, just a few miles apart. 

EarthView is an ideal place to visualize the thermohaline circulation, otherwise known as the ocean conveyor belt. Learn more about the conveyor belt from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute  

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