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Thursday, May 24, 2012

EarthView Day and Night

41° 59' 20" N ; 70° 57' 58" W
42° 24' 07" N ; 72° 06' 47" W
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Also, compare Thursday's coordinates to those of other recent EarthView outings, near and far!

The EarthView Team had no program on Friday this week, because EarthView did double duty on Thursday, playing a small part in two terrific events in different parts of the state. First was on our own campus, in the atrium of the John Joseph Moakley Center at Bridgewater State University. We welcomed students and educators from throughout our region to the STEM Expo, highlighting education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our program emphasized the ways in which geography connects to natural and environmental sciences and geospatial technologies. For example, we used yarn to create a simple model of GPS systems.

The evening was spent at Quabbin Middle School in Barre (use the lat/long figures above to figure out how far EarthView moved to the north and west to get to this new location), where for the fourth time it was part of the schools traditional seventh-grade overnight program. Led each year by geography teacher extraordinaire Erin Stevens, this night combines geography, culture, food, music, and fair amount of silliness for a memorable evening of fun and learning.
Each of the seventh-grade homeroom classes selected a country to represent in the "Olympics" portion of the evening, which starts after the EarthView program. We could not resists posing the South Africa group in front of their country of choice.
May 24 was a great day to be doing geography outreach, as the final round of the National Geography Bee took place in Washington DC. Ten finalists who had emerged from 4,000,000 participants over the course of this school year showed their geography skills and passion. Be sure to see the NGS video, What You Can Do with Geography.
Early in the Bee, a special guest asked a question about the location of a recent international meeting, but not before taking the opportunity to remind the audience of the importance of geography education.

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