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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to the People's House

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71° 03' 50" W

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Today EarthView will be at in Nurses Hall at the Massachusetts State House. This is our fourth visit to the People's House. It is a chance for legislators, their staff members, and the general public to see the world from a unique vantage point -- inside the earth.

These visits have been planned by the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance with the help of Sen. Steven Brewer of Barre, Rep. James Murphy and Weymouth, and their staff members. Sen. Brewer and Rep. Todd Smola of Palmer -- the only geographer in the legislature -- have introduced a bill that would create a commission to study geography education in the Commonwealth.

Representative D'Amelia from Bridgewater was among the many legislators who had a chance to go inside the earth! Read more about the visit on the BSU Geography blog.

A visitor from Kenya was very pleased with EarthView and with the gift of a smaller inflatable globe.

Following our visit inside the State House, three geography majors from Bridgewater State University (home base for EarthView) use a classroom globe outside the State House to show where we were!
Global navigators Lara Joyce,  Kimberly Frisoli, and Natalie Regan.  

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