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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burkland and Goode Schools, Middleborough -- January 20

Henry B. Burkland: N 41° 53' 12"  W 70° 54' 37"
Mary K. Goode:      N 41° 53' 14"  W 70° 54' 42"
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We are very pleased to begin 2012 with a visit to the Burkland and Goode Schools, adjacent schools in the town of Middleborough, to our south. Here it is worth noting that EarthView is usually stored in the Geography Department of the Conant Science & Math Center at Bridgewater State University. Using the same method to find coordinates as we used above, that location is:

Conant Science & Math Center: N 41° 59' 17"  W 70° 58' 19"

This information is not perfectly accurate; each set of coordinates is the average of three estimates of latitude and longitude that are based on the postal addresses of each building. Geographers who need more detailed information would work directly from topographic maps or GPS to get a more accurate reading, or to select a specific point -- such as the entrance or the center of the building -- on which to base the estimate.
How far apart are the neighboring schools?

Assuming the estimates are reasonably accurate, however, we can use the coordinates to answer a few questions:

How many degrees, minutes, and seconds did EarthView travel to reach these schools?
How far apart are the schools in degrees, minutes, and seconds?
Which school is farther west? Which is farther north?
Where are both schools relative to the Geography Department -- are they east or west, north or south?

January 20

Our EarthView blog often includes significant anniversaries related to our visit. This one takes place on January 20, which is the date of more than the usual number of events that are important in history AND geography. It is the anniversary of every U.S. presidential inauguration since 1937, as well as many other significant events.

For example, on this date in 1986, a new word was made known to the world, as the "Chunnel" was proposed. Completed in 1994, the "Channel Tunnel" connects Great Britain to France, spanning the English Channel. By connecting this major island to the mainland, it changed the geography of Europe profoundly.

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