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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Peter W Reilly School, Lowell

N 42° 38' 28" 
W 71° 16' 48"

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The EarthView Team is pleased to be making its first visit to Peter W. Reilly Elementary, a K-4 school in the historic city of Lowell. It is the second school we have visited in Lowell. The other is the Pyne Arts School, whose coordinates are 42°37'44" N, 71°17'11" W. Looking at the map and reading the coordinates, which purple pin points to which school?

Almost two hundred years ago, Lowell was established as an industrial city, making clothing and other textiles. It was a one of the first and most important factory cities in the United States, an important history that can be explored in its own National Park.
Visitors can learn a lot about the Industrial Revolution in Lowell.
Image: National Park Service
During the 1970s, Lowell was a center of the new computer industry. It was also becoming a destination for people migrating to the United States from Cambodia. Of the 109,000 people in Lowell, about 15,000 are from that Asian country, more than any other U.S. city except for Long Beach, California. Lowell hosts a Cambodian diplomat, the honorary consul Mr. OU Sovann. During our visit, one of our EarthView wranglers will point out Cambodia on EarthView. She is a Bridgewater geography student who completed a biology travel course in Cambodia just last month!

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