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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Littleton Middle School, February 26

42° 32' 32" N
71° 29' 14" W 
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The EarthView team is delighted to be returning to Littleton Middle School. As we noted at the time of our 2012 visit, we pass within a few feet of this school quite often, as it located very close to Interstate 495, which is our main path to many of the schools we visit in northeastern Massachusetts.

Not only did we enjoy our first visit to Littleton Middle in 2012 -- the visit has become a regular part of our program publicity. The wonderful video the teachers made that day is still featured on our EarthView home page.

Video credit: Special-Ed Teacher and Instructional Videographer John Ogden (

During this visit, our EarthView team will include a special guest from our Geography Department. Dr. Rob Hellström is a geographer who specializes in weather and climate. The image above is from a weather station he and his students have placed in the Andes Mountains of Peru -- 15,000 feet above sea level. That is almost THREE MILES in the air, but in the Andes, that is ground level.

Dr. Hellström will be talking about this research with Littleton Middle students, and also about his work closer to home. He and his students have another weather station right on top of the science building where EarthView is stored -- and that station can be checked online any time. It's current weather is shown right here:
Dr. Hellström  and Dr. Hayes-Bohanan (part of the regular EarthView team) are working on plans to teach a course together in Peru on the geography of coffee and climate change. They will take students to coffee-farms in the lower elevations of 4 to 6 thousand feet, which are being dramatically affected by the changes in glaciers at 12 to 15 thousand feet

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