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Friday, September 18, 2015

Braintree Leadership

Almost from the beginning of our program, the EarthView team has enjoyed visiting the two middle schools of Braintree, Massachusetts each year. By this time, close to 3,000 students at East Middle and South Middle have had the EarthView experience. Many parents and siblings have also participated in occasional Family Geography Nights.

We look forward to our visits because we know that we are playing a small part in a much bigger effort to develop geographically informed learners. This is reflected in both the obvious curiosity about the world that the students bring to the program and the understanding of geographic concepts and facts that they exhibit.

A pair of excellent geography teachers in each of the two schools are most responsible for these student successes in geography. We know that they in turn benefit from the leadership and support of the Braintree schools, especially from the tireless work of Dr. Gorman Lee, Director of Social Studies for the district and a leader in social-studies education at the state and national levels.

We opened the 2015-2016 EarthView season at the two schools, and were delighted that many of Braintree's educational leaders were able to join us, along with Mayor Joe Sullivan.
L-R: Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan, Bridgewater State University; Gorman Lee,  Director of Social Studies; Damon Rairie, Principal of South Middle School; Dr. Peter Kurzberk, Interim Superintendent of Schools; Lisa Heger, School Committee; Joe Sullivan; Mayor; Dr. Vernon Domingo; Bridgewater State University; Cyril Chafe, School Committee.

Not pictured are EarthView "Globe Lady" Rosalie Sokol, a veteran middle-school teacher who was inside the globe at the time of this photo, and Braintree's four remarkable World Geography teachers: Mark Henry and ____ of South Middle and ____ and ____ of East Middle.

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