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Friday, February 6, 2015

Horace Mann Middle School, Franklin -- Feb 5-6

42° 05' 28" N
71° 24' 22" W 
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The EarthView team is very pleased to be returning to Horace Mann -- because of the enthusiastic support of geography in the Horace Mann community and also because the school happens to be named for the founder of Bridgewater State University.

Among many other things we discussed during the visit was a recent visit by BSU students to Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is the only place in the world where people can sandboard on a volcano!
The Pacific Ring of Fire is important to geography in so many ways that this blog includes several other Ring of Fire articles.

Dr. Hayes-Bohanan spoke briefly about some of the geographic connections he explores when rowing in New Bedford. Although whaling has not been practiced in the United States in over a century, it continues to influence the geography of our region.
While in EarthView, Horace Mann geographer Mr. McGovern pointed out the Aral Sea, which his students will soon be discussing. We included some Aral Sea imagery on this blog's most recent North Andover visit.

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