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Saturday, April 14, 2012

EarthView Institute -- Part 3

On Saturday, April 14, teachers from all over Massachusetts gathered for the third and final installment of EarthView Institute, in which they have earned their "EVI Driver's Licences" that will enable them to take EarthView back to their own communities.

Prior to going back to the gym so that they could show us their EarthView skills, we had another presentation by one of the EarthView team members. BSU geography student Ashley Costa talked about the cultural geography of Brazil from the point of view of her family heritage, her study-abroad experience in Porto Alegre, and the many Brazilian communities in eastern Massachusetts. Music was involved!

We watched the beginning of Brazil's Rising Star, a 60 Minutes interview with former Brazilian president "Lula" and we also discussed the recent visit of current president Dilma Rousseff, which is discussed on Dr. Hayes-Bohanan's Environmental Geography blog.

During lunch, we discussed the cultural and political geography of music from throughout Latin America.

From the teachers participating in the Institute, we learned a lot of new ways to use EarthView, which we will be sharing through this blog and our own presentations in coming months. For example, we paid more attention to the geography of Antarctica than we often do, and we are starting to find resources with which to develop that further.

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